Design Services


Land Development & Site Design

With decades of experience in land planning and site design, Lund Engineering & Environmental prides itself on delivering creative, sensible and timely solutions for out clients.  We work closely with clients, contractors and city officials, to maximize our client's goals, while maintaining environmental responsibility and enhancing the aesthetics of the site.

Lund Engineering & Environmental assesses each site individually, considering the existing and future development, environmental challenges, adjacent areas, land uses and more.

At Lund Engineering & Environmental, we will assist our clients to navigate the planning and permitting processes of land development; provide grading, hydraulic, utility and erosion control design; to achieve the full use, environmental and aesthetic potential of each individual site.

Lund Engineering & Environmental has extensive experience in:

     Residential Subdivision Design & Site Design

     Commercial Subdivision & Site Design

     Industrial Site Design

Services include but are not limited to:

     Site & Roadway Grading

          Urban/Rural Roadways & Highways

          Lot Layout & Grading

          Site Grading Design

          Parking Lot Design

     Sanitary Sewer Collection System

          Sanitary Sewer Collection System Design

          Pumping Facility (Lift Stations) Design

          Septic System Design

     Water Distribution System Design

          Water Distribution System Design

          Valve & Fire Protection Layout

     Stormwater Management

          Hydraulic Modeling & Design

          Stormwater Collection System Modeling & Design