Design Services


     Site Planning


     Facility Plans

     Cost Analysis

     Hydraulic Studies

     Transportation Planning

     Traffic Analysis

     Signing Inventory


     Site & Roadway Grading Design

     Sanitary Sewer Collection System


     Water Distribution System Design

     Storm Sewer Collection System Design

     Septic System Design

Environmental Services

Wetland Services

     Wetland Delineation

     Hydrogeomorphic Functional           Assessment (HGM)

     Wetland Mitigation

     Wetland Management

Stormwater Management

     Hydraulic Analysis & Design

     Stormwater Collection System           Modeling & Design

Erosion Control

     Best Management Practice (BMP)           Selection & Design

     Temporary & Permanent Erosion           Control Design

     Erosion Control Site Management

Client Services

Whether you need a wetland delineation, individual site plan or a full spectrum of services, Lund Engineering & Environmental will approach your project from a practical engineering perspective, to ensure our clients' satisfaction with the final product.